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Dragonfly... , Russia
ICQ: 2411031100
Greetings! A site excellent - design, the diagram, all is very good. Big grin  Besides Morten is also mine an idol too. You not against an exchange of links? Confused
Webmaster : , !
, ! !  
Vivist   ()
  • Vivist [email] [url] [icq] [Saint-Petersburg]
    , ...:-((
    , !
    , ! . !
     Big grin .   (Vivist)
    24.10.04 12:49
23 October 2004 05:07 Add comment
Elaine , BRazil
Email: elainedomingues
Hei Silvia!!  Smile  
If you want to trade some a-ha stuff, write me and i will send you my complete a-ha list, ok?  Wink  
26 August 2004 12:08 Add comment
Elaine , BRazil
Email: elainedomingues
Congratulations for the excellent web site!! You have done a great job Wink  
I've a lot of a-ha stuff to trade - great and rare VCDs, live CDs, photos from last brazilian tour.  
Write me and i will send you my complete a-ha list. Good  
 Smile  Tongue  Roll eyes
26 August 2004 12:03 Add comment
Iris , US
You have lovely things on your site.  I wish you best of luck.
Only thing, Morten Harket is lame, tired and boring.  Roll eyes  It's all about Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. Magne is a great artist and Paul is a great musician. Morten is not much of a singer anymore.  Frown  
Sorry but it is the truth.  
  • Silvia
    Thank you for your words about my work, of course I'm not agree with you about Morten, I think he is still gorgeous and a vigorous man and he sings like an angel, as always for me he should be far more famous than he is now, in fact Paul and Magne are great musicians and very good people but as you seams not know without Morten they wouldn't do much, Morten is the soul of the group, you really make me feel sad with your words but I learned to be respectful with other opinions. Sad
    14.08.04 04:38
  • Vivist [email] [url] [St.Petersburg]
    Hi Iris!
    I'm agree with you mainly. It's seems like Morten not enjoy to be famouse singer anymore. I think many fans will be agree with it if they'd like to be honest with themselves. Truely Morten don't like to be star for many years. He shows it in the interviews for many years, and it's a real fact. Roll eyes  
    16.08.04 08:02
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Iris  
    I don't agree with you at all about Morten. Maybe Morten don't like to be a big star, but I can also understand him very much and I think it is NOT very nice and very sweet of you to write what you have wrote about Morten.    Frown Sad Angry Mad Yes,as Silvia have wrote. You really make me feel sad with yours BAD words about Morten.   Frown  Sad Angry Mad Maybe you are angry at Morten in some way, but you should have more respect for other people and also for Morten to say this BAD words about him.  Frown  Sad Angry Mad  
    This is about FEELINGS and you can also see how he enjoy to sing.  Wink Big grin  
    I am a very big admire of him with his singing,songs and his caring and help to other people and will always be. Wink Smile Big grin  
    I think all the 3 guys are great. Wink  
    I have met and talked a little bit with Magne about his art here in Copenhagen and he was nice to talk to. Smile  
    I wish very much to meet Morten sometimes in the future and it don't matter how old he is and how he look ect. He is still Morten and he have giving me lot of happines and strength through his songs and his help to other people.  Wink Smile Big grin  
    17.08.04 12:36
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Vivist
    I can say to you. I am very honenst Angry  with myself about Morten and I will always be a big admire of him.  Big grin  
    17.08.04 12:41
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Iris  
    Yes, one more time. You should be very ashamed by yourself and one more time respect other feelings.  Angry  Mad
    17.08.04 12:46
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Silvia  
    You are right what you have wrote about Morten. Wink  Smile  Big grin Good  
    17.08.04 12:49
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Iris
    Yes,I have some more to say.  
    As I have wrote before. I don't know if you are angry with Morten in someway, but he havn't deserve this BAD words you have wrote about him. Sad He isn't perfect and why should he be.  Wink He is only a humanbeing like everybodyelse with feelings ect. Wink But a great man. Smile  
    18.08.04 06:51
  • Vivist [email] [url] [St.Petersburg]
    Hey Charlotte!
    What a burning reaction! I think each person can tell they own thoughts here on internet without hurting of the fillings of other persons... Iris have the equel rights with you to tell us how she's filling now. You can agree with her or not. But she didn't say anything which can hurting us...  
    These day I think that Morten have lost the interest to the music but he's still a great, wonderful and kind person and will be this person forever.
    Good luck.
    P.S. I'm interest how old are you? Smile  
    18.08.04 13:36
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Vivist
    Yes, you are right. Everybody have the right to tell theirs own thoughts on the internet as I and Iris and everybody else do. I am sorry if you if you think my mail is buring, but it is how I feel and the other is how Iris feel.  
    Yes, Morten is that.  Wink  
    Yes, I am 37 years old and you   ? Wink  
    19.08.04 06:45
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Vivist  
    I wouldn't also not hurt Iris, but say how I feel.  
    19.08.04 06:52
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Iris  
    I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings.  
    19.08.04 08:16
  • Vivist [email] [url] [St.Petersburg]
    Hi girls
    I'm glad that you can discuss all questions quite and nice Smile  
    P.S. I'm 33 y.o.
    20.08.04 06:23
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Vivist  
    Yes, me too. Everybody deserve respect as all of us and Morten. Wink  
    20.08.04 08:33
13 August 2004 04:38 Add comment
Ingerid , Norway
Email: kallajimon
Good luck with your web site, Silvia   . .   . it's all about having fun, and not a bad idea if you manage to profit some, as well! :-)  Wish I could figure out a way to do that, myself, actually   . .   .
12 August 2004 09:38 Add comment
Laura , Spain
Email: loryjolie
hiii!!! Smile everybody ahafans of world!, i have like this site, it is good Good ,,i would like know ahaboys fans, england,denmark, or norway, well, no matter the country, but i say us that is specially,ok..we see ,late, ok and writte me Does exist somebody??? Wink
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei  Laura Smile  
    I can see you have added me to your messenger list. Yes, I am from Denmark and I have always been a very big a-ha fan, especially of Morten and will always be.  Up  
    Take care and maybe we talk soon on messenger.  Wink  
    07.08.04 07:40
5 August 2004 02:28 Add comment
Charlotte , Denmark
Hei Silvia  Hello  
I have just look in your new website and I think you have done a very great work with help from your friends.  Wink  Good  
Yes, great wallpapers with Morten.   Wink   I especially like the one on the frontpage with the orchids. I think it is very sweet. Yes    
I also think your cold porcelain works are very great and wonderful done. I especially like this with the white doves and flowers.  Flower  and your drawings is also very great made.  Painter  
Yes, it is all great and it look like as you have had a great and fun time making it.  Fun    
Take care. Bye  
  • Silvia
    Smile Thanks Charlotte I'm happy to see you here, I'm thanfull for your words too, come back often... Wink
    31.07.04 15:27
  • Charlotte [Denmark]
    Hei Silvia  Smile  
    You are welcome and of course I will visit your site again and again.  Wink  
    Take care. Charlotte
    07.08.04 07:36
30 July 2004 16:49 Add comment
Lisa , USA
Email: lisa
ROCK ON!  Great site, well done! Morten is the MAN!   Good
6 August 2004 06:34 Add comment
Milly , England
Email: millyharket
Congratulations Silvia and Victoria on your excellent website  Big grin - well done! Good
  • Tricia Toston [email] [Milwaukee USA]
    02.08.04 23:05
  • Silvia
    03.08.04 03:17
2 August 2004 10:01 Add comment
Alissa , Russia, Yekaterinburg
Email: mindreverden
ICQ: 315038288
Hi! It's really perfect site which full of creative works. As I quess, it was made like "look-page", not for information, yes? Right am I or not... it doesn't matter... because I like this site! Smile  
  • Silvia
    Shine Hi Alissa happy you enjoy our site, and yes it is and "watch the pics site" so far, maybe soon as the site grows up we could have an info section, thanks for your great words. Wink
    31.07.04 15:25
31 July 2004 08:58 Add comment

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