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Έχετε κάνει εξαιρετική δουλειά! Διδάσκω σε δημόσιο σχολείο και προτείνω στους μαθητές σας να επισκεφθού ν τη σελίδα σας. Αξιοποιώ βίντεο σας   (πάντα με τη σχετική παραπομπή στην ιστοσελίδα   ) και βλέπω τους μαθητές μου να ενθουσιάζο νται.
Συγχαρητήρ ια

02.03.14 20:39
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Jess Gonzlez Garca [Spain, Albacete]
Thank you very much for your excellent work. I am a teacher of classics and I love historical reconstructions. Your webpage is a great treasure for my job and my own likings. Regards from Spain. Good
21.12.13 18:54
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Carol [Lebanon, Ohio, USA]
I love this site! It really helps clarify Classical Athens in my mind for a book I'm writing. Thank you!
18.09.13 14:10
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Para poli oreo einai. Afta einai ta kalitera ikones apo thn akropoli mas!!
08.09.13 14:35
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Daniel Scallon [USA, Jacksonville]
Great reconstruction; this helps a lot in a few stories I'm writing about Achaean Greece.
Thank you so much!

31.08.13 18:05
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Michael Lane [ΗΠΑ] []
Πάρα πολύ εντυπωσιακ ό και χρήσιμο εργαλείο παιδείας!
M.F. Lane
καθηγητής, Παν/μιο Μάρυλαντ

21.08.13 19:35
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giuseppe [italy - palermo]
Fantastic!!!!!!!! Spettacolo.... sto studiando il mondo classico e questo sito incredibile!!!!! Esiste altro sul mondo greco?
05.08.13 16:51
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19.05.13 07:54
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!!! !!!
09.01.13 12:54
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I love your website.  It was so interesting to see the buildings as they were during each phase of history.  I am going to Greece this summer, and your website has helped me learn so much about your history.  I look forward to seeing it all in person.  Thank you!  Efkharisto!   Donna
06.03.13 01:58
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