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Peter Hendra [Sydney, Australia]
Thankyou so much for the effort and detail you've put into this very informative website.
I've been to the Acropolis though was rather disappointed with both the lack of informative signage, litter everywhere and the general unkept nature of the site.
Your website is indeed quite magnificent.
Thank you.

07.01.15 05:28
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Daenerys Targaryen [Japan]
This website is a saviour. I'm building a 3D model of Athens and this is really helping a lot!
26.12.14 13:22
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John Vournakis [charleston, SC ]
Great website - congratulations. Makes us want more.  
John Vournakis

12.11.14 18:48
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Maria-Anna Tsatsanifou [Greece, Athens]
Simply put, Congratulations!
11.09.14 10:13
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Bekir zeren [Gelibolu, Trkiye]
bu gzel site iin emei geenlere teekkr ederim.
05.07.14 21:53
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Sarah Perry-Correia
Best website on the subject I have seen recently. Have "shared" and liked on Facebook.
15.04.14 20:32
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Fred hillier [Australia]
Brilliant better than a hundred other web pages on the subject.
How do I go about getting your permission to use the 3d image on my travel blog.
My blog is
Regards Fred hillier. I am in Greece at the moment.

24.03.14 17:06
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Adrian Hinton [USA, Cincinnati]
I think your website is awesome.  I was named for the Roman emperor Hadrian, who was born exactly 1900 years before me on my father's birthday   (January 24, 76 A.D.)  And so, I found your website's information about his buildings in Athens fascinating.  If I ever go to Europe in my lifetime, I will definitely want to visit Athens and see everything mentioned at your site.  Smile
17.03.14 11:05
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Έχετε κάνει εξαιρετική δουλειά! Διδάσκω σε δημόσιο σχολείο και προτείνω στους μαθητές σας να επισκεφθού ν τη σελίδα σας. Αξιοποιώ βίντεο σας   (πάντα με τη σχετική παραπομπή στην ιστοσελίδα   ) και βλέπω τους μαθητές μου να ενθουσιάζο νται.
Συγχαρητήρ ια

02.03.14 20:39
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Jess Gonzlez Garca [Spain, Albacete]
Thank you very much for your excellent work. I am a teacher of classics and I love historical reconstructions. Your webpage is a great treasure for my job and my own likings. Regards from Spain. Good
21.12.13 18:54
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