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ευχαριστω για αυτο που κανετε..εκ βαθεων της καρδος μου..
25.08.10 15:04
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Τριανταφυλλιά Π.
Πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα ιστοσελίδα!
19.08.10 11:51
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Ancient Athens 3D
Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it!
17.08.10 15:13
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Maria Carmela Monteleone [UK]
It is a very instructive website.
I am studying achaeology anf it is very valuable to see reconstructions of sites... well done!! Smile

24.10.09 21:37
  • Lakerveld [email] [Netherlands]
    Since I was 11 years old, ancient Greece is my hobby, Im 62 years now!!!and I have more than 300 books about it. This site is magnificant! I love it so very much. It's going to cost me some money because every picture I will printed on glossy paper. This site makes me very happy!! Heart
    25.06.10 12:15
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Mycket fin sida. Fina bilder.
02.06.10 12:01
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Dimitris Koskinas [Athens] []
Exeretika endiaferon site. Sinxaritiria!
29.04.10 09:51
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claudio grassani [Italia, Albenga] [icq: 20256170]
Well Done, u pick up my studies an curiosity about the Heart of Mediterranean Europe:up:
27.01.10 16:02
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Davis []
Nice site Thanks
17.01.10 03:19
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Michal [Poland, Poznaρ]
I am a student of archeology nad this site really helped me with my presentation about ancient Athens historical topography. Smile  I hope that, you will still improve your site with more detailed description of individual monuments. There are many things that you continually can add. All the best from Poland!
17.11.09 22:12
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30.10.09 10:59
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