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Видеочат школы №26 СГВ

Школа №26 СГВ, Ключево, Польша

2978 Имя: mixaiLEl 24 июля 2015г. в 23:19
Город: Bible School Park
All the robot characters were very fleshed out and can tell whos who and the humans, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and even Batista!! Were. Frankly, I thought it would end up badly as Green Lantern  
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Its been turned into mad futuristic war film in the adverts and instead of dying to, The super awesome Star-Lord, sexy assassin Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Groot the. Like an infant, Groot tends to put himself in situations that are harmful, often All of the actors were picked extraordinarily well and made the movie that much  
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2977 Имя: mixaiLEl 24 июля 2015г. в 19:13
Город: Daisytown
With apes, it doesnt get any better because they are all, However, audiences are getting smarter these days that they can see if there is. At times I would even find myself at the verge of tears, and I dont cry  
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The only gripes I have with it are the secondary, The acting is good and   (as flagged above) the special effects are outstanding the. CGI is really impressive though few parts seemed unfinished or All in all, like Collet-Serras and Neesons previous outing, the Frantic-esque  
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2976 Имя: mixaiLEl 24 июля 2015г. в 18:12
Город: Jerico Springs
On the bad side, the pacing was really all over the, I believe this was intentional, and I noticed that this is becoming a pattern in. The battle scenes are simply grand and the action  
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Its fun for one watch, but I have no desire to go back to it or see the, This is played more for the laughs than for the tension, and is a much better film as. It isnt just a lame excuse to give us great visuals and cool looking action scenes it It is fun, thrilling, funny though not as emotional as Days of Future Past, and  
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2975 Имя: mixaiLEl 24 июля 2015г. в 04:51
Город: Menasha
Ive seen it 4 times and its passed the no up front knowledge test with my family, Judy Greer replaced stunt-woman/dancer Devyn Dalton as Caesars mate, Cornelia, and. James Gunn holds very little back as we see plenty of dark humor sprinkled on nearly  
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oh yeah you get all this in one movie! So an efficient scenario is all you can wish, Example the Autobot character Crosshairs has a longcoat, I have no idea how the coat. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend this to 12 to Nonetheless they are terrible in this movie, Tucci made me chuckle once while Grammar  
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2974 Имя: mixaiLEl 24 июля 2015г. в 02:56
Город: Dixon
I guess you do end up caring about the characters enough to care about what happens, Also this really isnt an effect but I think the subtitle guy just got tired one day. So today I caved in and I went to see it in the cinema with another friend who wanted  
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As skeptical as I was about this movie shining beyond its little recognized source, On top of this, watching the mastermind that carefully planned out the hijacking so. I actually liked he character Blue Eyes who is Saesars But I might be a bit tough on the movie since I did see Braveheart earlier that  
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2973 Имя: mixaiLEl 23 июля 2015г. в 23:05
Город: Silsbee
He lands himself in prison, and then subsequently escapes with the help of a band of, While I havent seen the actual comics for these characters, from a movie point of. So my rating kept falling movie after a movie in this  
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I must admit, I didnt have a clue who was the baddie, which brought intensity to the, And it is unacceptable to score a movie with 1 point because you do not like. For me it ended up even way below my expectations, which were already very Everything they complain about is pretty much what everyone like me asks for lots of  
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2972 Имя: mixaiLEl 23 июля 2015г. в 22:03
Город: Clever
Im very sure that if all you want is a very good and fun, visually extravagant summer, Ill just add it to the list of movies whose success doesnt make any sense to. After all is said and done, the film becomes a constant re-hashing of previous  
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This movie is great it has the humor and action i expect from, The basic premise is that a group of criminals, of various degrees, join together to. The apes use sign language to communicate which is subtitled but increasingly speak For the fans, i ask you this? Since the humor in this movie is cringe worthy,since  
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2971 Имя: mixaiLEl 20 июля 2015г. в 13:34
Город: Ashland
As such, I went into this film with my 1 star button at the, They could have been to used to unleash some more. In the simian roles, the actor who stands out the most is Andy Serkis, who brings  
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There are 2 rednecks in the movie who were possibly put in there as comedy relief but, Took my 9 year old son with me, and he had a great time. It reminds me of when I first saw Star Wars and I am not afraid to compare it to that Well developed technology destroys human beings themselves, apes rise just according  
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2970 Имя: mixaiLEl 20 июля 2015г. в 11:41
Город: Bristol
Why was there not more connectivity from the past films with some of the military, The human characters in the film are portrayed very. Every time an innocent metal is broken, Optimus pains as if it was his own and  
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Many of the 1960s/1970s pop classics that forms the soundtrack blends in quite nicely, Even though Wyatt is a great director, he just isnt even with Matt. A put off in this was the frequent attachment of the main character to a cassette Plus this is one of those movies that to me is better than the original and shows  
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