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28 Name: John 19 February 2006 08:16
Hello, thank you for this great service!
Vladimir : You are welcome!
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27 Name: Jake Lacoto 4 February 2006 20:03
Email: BigJakeCountry, city: USA
Testing to see how this guest book looks
Vladimir : You see.
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26 Name: Ray Flan 17 September 2005 23:17
Love the guestbook. I'm planning to move to website to new url can I move the guest book with entries to the new site? Good  Good  Big grin  Big grin  
Vladimir : Of course you can. All that you need is to change field "URL of website, which this guestbook is intended for" on page "General Settings".
  • Jake Lacoto [email] [USA]
    Just testing out to see if I'd like to get one of these guest books.
    04.02.06 20:02

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    25 Name: Richard Nacamuli 31 January 2006 15:38
    Email: nacamuliCountry, city: Califon, NJ, USA
    My compliments on a truly mod site.
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    24 Name: Andrey 11 July 2005 00:35
    Email: smol81Country, city: Russia, Moscow
    ICQ: 207055175
    cool I like this the guestbook
  • lar [email]
    me too
    15.04.06 20:42

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    23 Name: MySQL Manager 12 October 2005 09:36
    I consider that beside Your site there is future!
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    22 Name: yasin 17 August 2005 13:43
    Thank you for providing this to us.
    Vladimir : You are welcome.
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    21 Name: Edward Green 25 July 2005 18:35
    Email: kyo
    Very nice website! Congratulations. You are doing a good service to the web.  
    unique disign of GB. Smile
    Vladimir : Thanks!
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    20 Name: Dia 7 July 2005 19:51
    Pretty cool....... Party  
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    19 Name: mod 28 December 2004 04:02
    Email: modCountry, city: usa
    hello baby im looking for a cool gust book can u help me?   Roll eyes   Cool   Smile   Wink  
  • Michael Jackson [email] [url] [Michael Jackson Land]
    16.05.05 00:06
  • Cecilie
    test, test!! Love the guestbook!! Big heart
    23.05.05 14:34

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