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discount oakleys , New York
Email: hxlcnn
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20 December 2012 07:44 Add comment
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Email: hxlcnn
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20 December 2012 07:43 Add comment
discount oakleys , New York
Email: hxlcnn
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19 December 2012 09:34 Add comment
Marie Cullen , USA
Email: GoingForApint
Great page. thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Are you the same Jim   (my friend on FB)????? Seems like it from the photos and comments Jim.  This is awesome, thanks! Smile
12 November 2012 23:32 Add comment
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Email: basilrfqb
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9 November 2012 09:17 Add comment
Rosemary Higgins Dill , USA, CT
Email: rhdill
I am looking for Higgins relatives in Belclare
  • Jim
    If you mean the Belclare in Galway, that's the other side of the country.
    01.07.08 10:57
1 July 2008 03:01 Add comment
Davis , USA
Email: daviscarlod4
Nice site Thanks
17 January 2010 03:29 Add comment
Michel Caoimh , Kilkeny
Email: mocaoimh
Hi Jim,
I was really delighted to see the two clips from Work Horses in Dublin by Eamonn Mac Thomais. Thanks for posting them. I had a phone call from an ex-pat(Dublin) whose brother is somewhere in the programme. So, I wondered, was there any hope of getting a copy of the original programme? It would mean an awful lot to that person.  
Many thanks Jim - you're giving a wonderful service.
24 June 2009 16:06 Add comment
Patti , Cheshire
Email: pattymadras
Hya Jim,
I really enjoyed listening and looking on your blog. You have worked hard at it and it shows.
Miss you loads, take care hunny.
Patti xxx
19 June 2009 21:53 Add comment
liz , australia
Email: elizabethrconnolly
Hello jim i think i may know your friend tom mooney from most of us left for overseas its hard to remember everyone   ..but it rings a bell..yes the man i asked you about in the family photos with the blue shirt..he looks like your old dad mick r.i.p..its nice to look at the old places the gloster dimond haa your remember them fights   ..god they are nothing to what goes on now..but it was not so bad was it lizxxxx Heart
  • Jim
    Don't know about Tom, Liz... but most didn't leave for overseas or else there'd be very few of us left.  Big grin  
    The chap in the blue shirt is my eldest, that pic was taken in my back garden and the girl is one of my grandkids.
    Take care...  Jim   Wink
    02.06.09 00:12
21 May 2009 09:07 Add comment

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