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liz , australia
Email: elizabethrconnolly
G'day jim   .well this is nice to be able to chat with are you doing   ..i hope well   ..i love seans photos haa that was quite a knock the poor fellow got..but you cant keep a eye on them   ..i got a grand son sean now..he is almost 6 months old..a great boy   ..also..and im going to be a granny again in december please to all   ..oh who is the tall man in the garden with a child he has a blue shirt on   .please love lizxxxx Wink
21 May 2009 08:44 Add comment
Mary Bosman , USA, Sturgeon Bay Wis.
Email: wizardofboz
Hi Jim - I visited your wonderful country, for the first time- was in Dublin in April this year. Loved the whole trip around Ireland. I am hoping to link up with Irish people who are in their 50's and 60's who love to relate anecdotes and stories of their parents and grandparents.
I have written a book on my Irish ancestor which is a hoot. I hope to hear from you and any others interested.
Thanks for your great blog site.  
Mary   (McGinnis) Bosman
8 November 2008 23:35 Add comment
Lorraine Barnes (McDonald) , Dublin/ liverpool
Email: lorrainemcbarnes
Hello all,  
I'm New to this I'm Dublin North side moved away when I was 19 and just wondering if anyone knows a web site or page that contains old pics of the north side of dublin i.e summerhill liberty house, would love to see some old photos, i seen some on the dublin i.e and they were great what memory's the hair stood up on the back of my neck hope to hear from you soon  
Lorraine xxx  
  • Jim
    Hi Kizzie,
    Have a look on as well as  Lots of pics there.
    01.07.08 10:59
  • Jim
    Sorry, that should have been
    01.07.08 10:59
20 May 2008 11:49 Add comment
Rene , The Netherlands
Email: rene50
Hello Jim,
Thank you for the visit and the nice compliment you wrote on my tagboard,
Greetings Rene  Bye  
8 December 2007 14:45 Add comment
Silke , Germany
Email: kunstmacher_net
Greetings from northern Germany!
10 November 2007 08:27 Add comment
Jim , Ireland
Hi all.  Phone call  
It's good to be getting the blog in order now. I like this new version of blogger. Big grin  
Seeya soon, with new stories.  Good
2 October 2007 15:53 Add comment
Allen , UK
[b] Good  Smile Nice   !   Wink
24 September 2007 13:08 Add comment
Mar , Barcelona
Hi again, Jim, I like the changes you've made here, good work. By the way, talking about changes, Sean is so cute now, he's growing fast, isn't he? Congratulations on him too. Talk to you soon, I hope,  Applause
24 August 2007 08:59 Add comment
Tom Mooney , Coventry (England)
Email: themooneyfamily
Hi Jim   .... Just want to say hello and to wish you good luck with your blog, it is of great interest to me and my family to hear & learn about 'old' Dublin.My family were all born & reared in Corporation Buildings, just around the corner from your street, they have mostly passed away now but my Ma is alive, well and mad interested in her old area and your blog as far and away the best source of reminicing I have come across.As I get more used to 'blogs' I will get around to going back over all your old posts and look forward to them all.I hope to talk to you soon Jim   ..... thankyou.    
31 May 2007 10:25 Add comment
Mika @ Text Unlimited , Philippines
Hello Jim!  I've Just added your blog at Text Unlimited's JUICY LINKS  . Check it out.  Smile  @
See you around! Cheers!...  Smile  
21 May 2007 21:58 Add comment

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