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sorry I don't speak Russian. I'm not sure if this page is still used.
 I have a question about your "live-photos" ;. If you konw the owner of some good photos, could you ask them if they would upload some on wiki-commons? Particularly from the early years in wiki-commons is not much. But there shouldn't be Fans with on the photos. And there are other rules from wiki you must read before.  
These photos would be great for wiki:
Amsterdam, Melkweg, 19.04.2000 all photos
Barcelona, 02.11.2000 photo no. 2
St.Petersburg, 16.12.01
© JK & Kate: 3rd photo/6th row   (Linde)
© Helene Light & Sur   (2nd page): photo: 2,5,6
Tammerfest , 19.07.2002  
The 3rd photo from the first row.
The first photo from the second row.
Ilosaarirock, 13.07.02
4th photo/1st row
1st photo/4th row
4th photo/4th row
Tavastia, 07.09.02  
1st-3rd photo/1st row
Book signing session, Helsinki, 1.11.2002   all 3 photos
and other photo you think they are good.
Sorry for the bad english.

08.08.14 22:17
"Оззи, Моцарт и Вилле-младший"-   !FAKE

22.03.14 15:07
Heartagram-Wohnzimmerclub [Essen]
Hallo ,wir haben nun für alle HIM Fanseiten unsere Zusatzfunlktionen wie das Forum, die Fotocomunity und andere Sachen ohne Logo ins Netz gestellt.  Auf Anfrage bei uns senden wri euch gerne den HTML Code zu. So kann eine grosse HIM Community entstehen an der viele mitarbeiten können und auch dürfen.  Denn nur durch Zusammenhalt können wir HIM Fans uns helfen.  Also wer Lust hat einfach unter  blinnert bei mir melden.  
So long Dirk   (Webmaster Heartagram-Wohnzimme

17.10.10 23:24
Antuanetta [moscow]
А вот и я:-) Tongue
03.10.09 16:38

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