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UGG Snow boots care tips: Leather suede material are most afraid of is oil, leather than the strong adsorption and absorption, so we should try to avoid oil splashing onto the top of the UGG boots, if accidentally spilled, immediately paper with a strong adsorption adsorption, to prevent proliferation. ugg boots dirty, you can be dry, then clean with a hard brush, the intensity of the surface point in one direction with a brush, so most of the dirt can be resolved.
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Leopard's not good to wear the boots, how many will become relatively inexpensive. Very young girl might also be casual look. Mature workers seem light but still can be avoided,
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This year, the Arctic Angels bringing in advanced technology, high-density foam base, the starting material compound PVC soles, high-density foam sole,  the material itself is lighter, more wear-resistant, the non-slip performance, compared to other ordinary foam sole market to a substantial increase, after the test, the friction loss of the Arctic Angel PVC 30,000 friction test = 0.04mm,in real-world assessment of degrees, the researchers tested, 201,000 m walk, no damage, environmental protection is a non-toxic PVC material, odorless white powder. Its high chemical stability, and good plasticity with. Apart from a few organic solvents, the room temperature can be resistant to any concentration of hydrochloric acid,

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full of casual fashion CHECK ~ Tyrolean pattern, full of warmth ~ cute rabbit fur ball is the focus of tall shoes woven leather texture design
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the wooden beads on the bow adds a sweet, exotic wind ~ Leopard is hard to resist the temptation to every girl, leopard flange design very personal yo ~! But also can turn up, as the boots to wear
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leisure, travel and other needs of different environments. This section automatically buckle belt black, fine selection of high-grade fabrics
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linked to the characteristics of the ear headphones and ear plugs in
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jordan high-heeled boots to the beauty of the girls have more choices, sporty at the same time does not affect the height Oh!
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24.06.11 12:14

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