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dmitry.volosnykh [Moscow] [30.11.2010 06:47]

Скачал версию Linux i386. Запускал на Ubuntu 10.10. При запуске первой карты, когда ножницы сталкиваются с падающей дискетой, вылетает. При запуске второй --- когда добираешься до выхода.
    Пока удалил. Но очень жду исправлений Smile

zz|sergant : Похоже проблема со звуком.
А вообще звуки и музыка в игре играют   ?
Звуки поедания инфотронов и падение камней   ?
Какая звуковая карта используется   ?
Может, как вариант, попробовать обновить драйвер звука   (если это возможно).
PS: Если ничего не помогает, то можно отключить звук, запустив игру с параметром командной строки -nosound

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vanoc [29.11.2010 22:17] icq: 367412
Отлично работает под linux. Спасибо!
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Polo [27.11.2010 23:37]

Сергей, спасибо огромное за Supaplex, молодчина   !!!

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Alex [22.11.2010 16:51]

Скачал новый супаплекс, но не могу поиграть, не видит уровни...в чем может быть причина?

zz|sergant : Скорее всего путь до папки содержит русские символы.
Перенесите игру в папку, путь до которой содержит только английские символы, например в:
и должно все заработать.
PS: Я выпустил новую версию NewSupaplex v0.721, где эта ошибка исправлена

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stepanub [18.09.2010 17:22]

Приветик Сергей! Спасибо за игру и ВЫПОЛЕНА levels.dat.  
Надо большой экран и ещё будешь обновления новую бету? Есть ошибка стену и оражевый диск!

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Jaja [27.07.2010 21:23]

Why am I getting this error?
How can I use push -f?
[Push started]
[Error: abort: push creates new remote heads on branch 'default'!]
pushing to mpleGame
searching for changes
(did you forget to merge? use push -f to force)
[Operation completed. Exit code: 1]

zz|sergant : Mercurial says, that your push will create new remote head. You can read about that here:
Right now there is no way to force push/pull in HgSccPackage.
If you need it, you can use command line client hg.exe or TortoiseHg.

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Наташа [13.04.2010 23:40]

Люди добрые, ну подскажите пожалуйста- проходим ли 107 уровень? Никак не могу преодолеть шарик посередине уровня - не обогнать его никакими уловками....Помогите несчастной   !!!!!! Roll eyes  Smile

zz|sergant : Да, 107-й уровень проходим, так же как и все оригинальные уровни   (levels.dat).
Убедитесь, что у вас версия игры NewSupaplex v0.605, т.к. в более старых версиях игры прохождение через порты   (трубы) было более медленным и из-за этого часть уровней нельзя было пройти.
PS: Версия игры пишется в заголовке окна игры.

  • Наташа [14.04.2010 19:42]
    У меня 510-я к сожалению.....Спасибо за ответ)))

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Bo [USA, Sonoma CA] [22.03.2010 01:41]

Hey, Sergant. Have you thought about setting up a mailing list for getting notices of changes to your AddIn? I'd really like to get such notifications.

zz|sergant : Hi Bo,
you can follow the HgSccPackage development on bitbucket site:
There you can subscribe on RSS/Atom feeds.
As for mailing list, I don't think there will be much activity on that list.
There are not that much users of the plugin yet.

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Bo [USA, Sonoma CA] [21.03.2010 23:38]

I very much appreciate the Mercurial VS Plugin. I do have a question: when I add a project to source control, I would like to place it on an HG server, much like bitbucket   (although I am running my own.) It is easy to add the project to the HG instance on my local machine. I can also see how to configure it to connect to the remote repository, however, when I attempt to push the changes there, the addin returns "no changes". I suppose that makes sense - the local copy is the same as that in the local HG repo. However, the remote repo is empty.
How can I ensure that the initial commit also occurs to the remote repo?
Thanks for your work on this tool. It may well solve many problems for me.

  • Bo [USA, Sonoma CA] [21.03.2010 23:44]
    Sometimes it helps to ask the question out loud in a forum where you'll be embarrassed by the answer! Smile
    The answer to my question is to "commit" first, then synchronize to the remote.  
    It should have been obvious, but it wasn't to me. I'm an old Visual Source Safe guy and I now understand what Joel Spolsky said about mindsets.
    Thanks again.

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Dimitar Dobrev [Bulgaria] [19.03.2010 18:44]

   Hi. Today I tried HGSCC and it looks pretty good but my "Pending Changes" window doesn't work - VS says I have no SCC provider. I use VS 2010 RC and the project I tried with is a Silverlight 4 RC project. I had AnkhSVN   (a SVN client for VS) installed but I had removed it before I try HGSCC.
    Besides, can I push my changes back to the central repository from VS using HGSCC?

zz|sergant : Hi,
I do not implement "Pending Changes" tool window, because it will duplicate a "Commit" window.
Is there any reason to have both   ?
You can push your changes back to the central repository using "Synchronize" window.
Also, you may have several source code control packages installed in VS. If the project have SCC bindings, then VS will activate that SCC package automaticaly when you load a project.
When you start VS without a project, it will load last used SCC package. You can select an active SCC package in Tools->Options->Source Control in VS menu.

  • Dimitar Dobrev [Bulgaria] [20.03.2010 10:39]
    Thank you for your explanation. The "Commit" window really does the same thing with the exception that, unlike "Pending changes", it cannot be docked in VS   (it's not a VS tool window) and therefore it's not as easy to access. Often I do not want to commit but just see what changes I have. With a docked window it takes just to move the mouse over it. With the current "Commit" window, to see my changes, I have to:
    1. Browse the solution explorer to find a changed file or its project;
    2. Right-click the file or project and click commit.
    These are two actions, the first of which could be quite annoying with a large project, compared to one   (I'm sorry if there actually is a faster way as I was unable to find it). I'd like to ask, do you have plans to make the "Commit" window dockable?

    zz|sergant : Right now I don't have a plans to add a dockable commit/"pending changes" window.
    But, I'll consider to allow to run a commit window from any file in solution explorer, even if it is not modified.
    Also, there is a mercurial SCC toolbar available in VS. You can enable it in customize toolbars. This can simplify calling package commands.

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