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Kuba [15.03.2010 21:03]

Just found HGSCC, it's a great project.
Pozdravliaju iz Polshchy   !

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Andrey [Russia] [13.03.2010 02:39]

Громадное спасибо за Supaplex!!!
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Andras Szabo [Hungary, Budapest] [16.02.2010 20:51]

Hgscc is very cool. Keep up good work. Thanks

zz|sergant : Thanks, such comments keeps my motivation level high Smile

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Ewen [16.02.2010 11:14]

FYI I added a post at the Kiln Stack Exchange. & Tweeted about it at
I like your project. I think it is exactly what I was looking for to use Kiln with Visual Studio. cheers  Smile Ewen

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Mek [12.01.2010 21:28]
the menu "Options" is not working for me   (nothing happens when I click it). I had to turn the sound off in Vista sound mixer.
Btw. I am an author of Supaplex levels, you can find them on my website and I would be grateful if you could include them somewhere in your website  Wink  

zz|sergant : Menu "Options" is not yet implemented. I will either implement it in new version or remove it.
If you want to run the game without a sound, then you can specify a command line switch -nosound.
You can do this by making a shortcut for NewSupaplex.exe and adding -nosound switch in shortcut properties after NewSupaplex.exe.

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SupFanat [07.01.2010 00:11]
icq: 439754728
Неужели изображение электрона   (искры) до сих пор не готово?
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Dmitry [09.11.2009 11:39]

Hi, I've tried to install your plugin,
but have got the following error:
"Error 1001. Unable to get installer types in the C:\Program Files   ... \HgSccPackage.dll assembly. -> Unable to  load one or more of the requested types. Retreive the LoaderException property for more information. "

zz|sergant : What OS do you have: XP/Vista/Win7   ? 32 or 64 bit   ? any service packs   ?
Do you have SP1 for MSVS 2008   ?
Do you have previously installed version of HgSccPackage   ? If yes, try to uninstall it first and delete the folder, where it was installed.
Also, you can try to enable MSI logging:
and see, what errors it write there.

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Assa [03.11.2009 17:06]

Hi! Can you tell me what's the problem?
I used the two latest complations of this program and it puts my pc to stall every time I launch it. Everything freezes including keyboard. I have WinXP Home SP1 on a Pentium D with 2 GB RAM. Thanks.
I also have Symantec Antivirus Corporate and PCTools Firewall plus. Frustrated.

zz|sergant : Hi!
Well, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card from video card manufacturer.
By default, Windows XP installs video drivers without hardware acceleration of OpenGL.

  • Assa [email] [04.11.2009 15:27]
    I do have fine drivers.. Used to play some 3d games requiring directx 9.1c
    so probably that's not the reason. The videocard is NVidia geforce 7300 GS.
  • Assa [email] [04.11.2009 15:42]
    I managed to run the latest version on my vista-based laptop. The odd thing is that options button doesn't work at all. What I can say - well, very nice that it has rendered graphics, BUT: please aside solving compatibility issues introduce some 'skins', because the current one is unplayable: I cannot easily distinguish between solid rocks and chips for instance, so it is hard to predict whether the stone will fall from it or not. I think the graphics should be more traditional but with this nice rendered touch  Smile anyway, you're probably the only one doing something in the field so it is great anyway. I liked Murphy's appearance a lot  Smile

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Igor [Serbia, Belgrade] [20.10.2009 07:12]
You say that game speed for supaplex 0.605
 is changed using PgUp and PgDown but this is not working, and game is way to fast to play with my old profile file where it is set to 120. Is there a chance you could fix this?

zz|sergant : Yes, it's a bug in the game. If the game speed in profile doesn't equal to speed from table: 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 35, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350, 500, 1000, then PgUp/PgDown will not work.
Right now you can use previous version of NewSupaplex to change the speed in your profile to one from the table above and then use that profile in new version and PgUp/PgDown will work.
Unfortunately, I don't have a time to fix this at the moment.

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Fernando [23.07.2009 17:47]

Hey there. Great MSVS2008 plugin you got there. But why didn't you also allow the "push" command? Unless I'm mistaken, one cannot use the plugin with remote repositores. Is that right? How can I configure the repository URL?

zz|sergant : The plugin is still under development and the push/pull features are on my todo list. But I can't say when those features will be added.
I'm working on this plugin in my spare time as hobby project, so the development is going forward at the times when I got enough motivation to do it Smile
I've opened sources for the plugin few days ago. Maybe someone will contribute some functionality.

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